January 15-17 2016 - Berry Kercheville - How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It



An opportunity to get to know your Bible! Mark your calendars and be sure to attend this event. This will be an interactive session, with “hands on” attention and discussions to enhance your bible study! Berry Kercheville has taught Christians across the country to find true joy in Bible study and a deeper relationship with God. He is presently working with the Brentwood Church of Christ in Brentwood, TN, and has been preaching for 42 years. He has also written a book called Preparing the Young Man to Preach, which can be obtained at Florida College Bookstore (floridacollege.edu). Berry is married with four sons, the oldest two are married and also preaching. The younger ones are completing their college studies. 

Friday PM – Lesson #1 - Preparing Our Hearts for the Sower’s Seed
Friday PM – Lesson #2 - Look! Look! Look! Learning Observation Skills
Saturday AM – Lesson #3 - Seeing Structure to Discover the Rest of the Story
Saturday AM – Lesson #4 - Getting the Big Picture First
Sunday AM – Lesson #5 - Seeing the Details
Sunday AM – Lesson #6 - How to Read New Testament Epistles
Sunday PM – Lesson #7 - Reading the Scriptures to See God

May 25-29 2015 - Dr. Brad Harrub - The Truth About Origins

The Truth About Origins Seminar

  • Did humans really walk with the dinosaurs?
  • Did man evolve from some ape-like creature?
  • Do we see design in the universe?

We know what the textbooks say, but we are inviting you to come examine the real evidence. Come join us for this free seminar and see how atheism is affecting American families! In this powerful seminar, Dr. Brad Harrub will peel back the curtain of pseudo-science and challenge your worldview. Make plans now to join us. Dr. Harrub currently serves as the Executive Director of Focus Press. In addition, he is the coeditor of Think magazine and co-host of the television show “Think About it.” He earned a doctorate in Anatomy and Neurobiology from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Harrub is the author of Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity, Heart of the Matter, and Dissecting the Truth. He has also coauthored The Truth About Human Origins and Matters of Life and Death. He was an invited speaker to the International Conference on Creationism and has appeared onthe television show “Origins.”

  • Atheism’s Attack on America (Followed by Q/A)
  • Exploding Evidence on the Age of the Earth
  • The Dinosaur Dilemma (Followed by Q/A)
  • Scientific Accuracy of the Bible
  • Are You Convicted?

September 26-28 2014 – Dan and Serena DeGarmo - The Transforming Power of Grace

This series is about how the grace of God transforms our view about ourselves and others. When we see ourselves as God sees us we can begin to grasp the wretched nature of our sinful state and the incredible love that God has shown us – personally. Embracing that truth will then be the spark that allows us to look at people differently – as God sees them – in turn motivating us to love, serve and teach them. We will see Sunday morning how God is jealous of our idols and is hot pursuit of every soul that is separated from Him. Sunday evening, we will be summarizing and applying these principles in a practical way that can be used come Monday morning. Friday Night Lesson by Dan - What God Sees in Me Saturday Morning Lesson by Serena - Women are Warriors Too Saturday Night Lesson by Dan - Give Me Your Eyes Sunday Morning Lesson by Dan – My Name Is Jealous Sunday Night Lesson by Dan – Let’s Get Practical Sunday Night Q&A with Dan

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